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that was so hot大j8黑人bbw巨大888

CHAPTER 8As she was finishing up, her doorbell rang.When she opened the door, it was Connie, her neighbor, with Spartacus.“Alisha, darling, could you do me a big favor…..I have to go to Denver right now……..could you keep Spartacus for me till tomorrow about noon…….he really likes you.”Perverted thoughts crossed her mind as she told Connie, “I’d be more than happy to keep him for you, you know that……..I just love him.”Connie thanked her and handed the leash to Alisha as she ran to her car.Alisha brought him into the house and closed the door.She removed the leash and went down on one knee and hugged him. “Hi big fella,I can see you’re happy to see me,” she said as she looked at his pink cock coming out of its sheath.Spartacus followed her around as she finished cleaning up the game room.As he smelled around the room and the spots on the couch she had cleaned, he got visibly excited……the smell of sex was still in there and he knew what had happened there.He felt that it was his turn with her, after all, she was his bitch.He put his nose into her crotch and was sniffing and licking her jeans.“Want a little of that, do you?Well, let’s see what we can do about it,” she said as she went to her bedroom.She looked at the clock…… would be 4 or 5 hours till Colin got home, she had plenty of time to enjoy his huge cock.As she undressed, Spartacus became more excited, his ears were perked up, his eyes were bright and he was panting heavily…….he knew he was going to have his bitch real soon.As she sat on the bed, removing her socks, he came up to her and began licking her pussy.His rough tongue felt good on her sensitive lips and the treasurers that lay within.She was running like a river in anticipation of having his cock buried in her pussy.She could see his dick coming out of i’s sheath, it was getting bigger as he licked her private area.She remembered his claws and put socks on his front and back feet to keep him from scratching her perfect skin.He was getting a little more excited as she took hold of his cock, which was at least 10 inches by now and still growing. She started jacking him off.She crawled around on the floor on her hands and knees, Spartacus knew that the time had arrived.He went around behind her and licked her waiting pussy a few times then mounted her.She looked back between her legs and saw his fully hard cock lining up to her waiting pussy.In one stab, he hit the glory hole and drove it home.It was a good thing she was super wet and his dick had its own slime on it……it slid in without any pain.It did spread her pussy wide, she had forgotten how thick it was.He had his front legs wrapped around her thighs in the front of her hips, locking on to her.As his cock entered her hot sperm receptacle he went crazy, fucking her like there was no tomorrow.He had been slamming her for about five minutes when she felt the knot starting to form.As it got bigger and bigger, he pushed it in and out of her, then, she felt him push hard and the knot entered her pussy, stretching it to its limits. Damm, she thought, that thing is huge and it hurts some, but, at the same time his cock had swelled up and filled her vagina.He was still pushing into her, when she felt the hot sensation of being filled with his cum.She knew from the past that she couldn’t pull off the knot till he was completely finished filling her and the swelling went down.After a few minutes he tried to uncouple.When he pulled it hurt like hell.He swung his leg over her ass and they stood there, ass to ass waiting.She could feel his dick filling her with his puppy juice.As she looked back she could see that her tummy had pushed out some from being filled up.She was feeling a tightness that she knew would go away as soon as his cock came out.At least 20 minutes had passed and they still hadn’t separated.The knot felt as large or even larger than before.Her arms had gone weak and she had laid her cheek down on the tile floor.She could look back between her legs from time to time and see that her tummy was continuing to swell.As she lay there waiting she heard a vehicle pull up.“OH SHIT, WHO IS THAT !” she said to herself.She tried to pull away from Spartacus, but was unable to.She was still being held by his huge knot.She heard the front door open and Colin’s voice, “Alisha, are you here?I’m home.”She was in a panic……..what would he say about this, oh shit, he would probably throw her out and not want to see her again….all kinds of scenarios went through her head……..she heard him coming toward the bedroom…….”OH SHIT!”she said as he walked into the room.There was little Alisha could do at this point.She was just there on her hands and knees locked to a Great Dane by his huge, orange sized, knot inside her pussy.She felt so helpless and vulnerable.Colin was visibly shocked when he saw what was happening. “ALISHA, WHAT THE HELL……..” he said as he inspected the coupling.“I had no idea you were into bestiality……..damn, our relationship just gets better and better all the time …….DAMN !”His attitude caught Alisha completely by surprise, she had thought that he would surely get rid of her when he found out her little secret, but instead, he loved it.She could see a huge bulge growing in his pants, she could tell that this turned him on, damn, they were meant for each other.Colin inspected the dog knot buried in her pussy and told her how big it was.Alisha felt the knot receding, then in one fell swoop, it flopped out and a huge gush of dog cum squirted out of her.Alisha fell to the floor, once released from Spartacus.She was tired and he knees hurt.She looked around and saw that Colin had taken his clothes all off and his cock was standing at full attention.He was kneeling in the gush of dog cum on the floor and was pulling her ass up, preparing to slide his cock in her super wet cum receiver. “Not now Colin, please,” she pleaded as she felt his cock enter her pussy and begin to pump her.He had hold of her hips and told her as he fucked her, “I can’t help it Alisha, the sight of that big guy buried in your beautiful pussy made me want you bad, right now………” his voice tapered off as she felt him release a gush of his cum inside her.She had had so many orgasms, she was exhausted.Colin pulled out and stood up…..Alisha remained on her knees, with her cheek on the tile floor.When he walked over to the edge of the bed to sit down, Spartacus had got up and walked over by Alisha and growled at him, showing his teeth.This scared Colin and he backed off from Alisha.Spartacus was pissed, this was his bitch and Colin didn’t have any right to fuck her. Spartacus walked up behind Alisha and began to lick up the cum that had ran out of her, down the insides of her legs and on the floor.He had licked her good and she had had another orgasm from his tongue.When she was cleaned up, Spartacus mounted her again and drove his eleven inches deep into her……..he was holding her tight as he drove his cock deep into her, then the knot began to form again.He pushed it into her and held it there while it inflated again…….there was nothing she could do but submit to his will.After about 15 minutes, the swelled knot went down and came out of her pussy along with another big gush of dog cum.Spartacus walked into the next room.Colin felt it was safe to help her up and see if she was alright.She was leaking out large amounts of cum as she walked to the shower.She sat on the bench in the shower, crying.Colin knelt in front of her and kissed her.“Alisha, that was so hot, I can’t believe that we both are into the same things, we have so much in common… makes me love you more.”Alisha wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close.We are two of a kind, my love, we are.Alisha recovered and showered and cleaned herself up while Colin cleaned the mess up on the floor.When she finished her shower, she put on some panties, just in case Spartacus wanted inside her again……the nylon would stop him.She put on a sweat suit and went to find Colin.He was sitting in the kitchen, feeding snacks to Spartacus.“I thought I’d make friends with him, since we’re sharing the same bitch.” he laughed.Alisha had to laugh, she did see the humor.“What is he doing over here anyway?” Colin asked.“Oh, Connie had to go do Denver this afternoon and asked me to watch him till she got back tomorrow.I just thought I’d have a little fun this afternoon.I had no idea you were into bestiality, Colin.”He smiled at her, “It’s not something you advertise now, is it?” She laughed and said that he was probably right.“What else have you fucked, Alisha?What else do you want to fuck?”Alisha smiled at him and told him about the incident in Austin years ago when she was raped by a dog and how when she went over to Connie’s house to see where his feed was, she saw Spartacus screwing Connie in the back yard.She told him that this had brought back the memories of the incident and she decided to try it again while Connie was gone, to see if she had liked it or had just imagined it……..I liked it so I have continued it.Cody also likes animals.She told me about fucking that pony out at the ranch a long time ago…..she and one of her friends.We waited till everyone was gone last week and went out there and the pony did both of us……it felt really good.Colin was getting a hard on just thinking about it.“I’d love to watch you get filled with horse dick and cum sometime dear, will you show me?”I’ve just seen it on film, never up close and personal.”Alisha hugged him and kissed him, “We’re one kinky couple aren’t we Colin?”He smiled at her.Alisha hugged him again and kissed him deeply, “I love you Colin, and like I told you before, I’ll do anything you want me to, all you have to do is ask.”They had dinner and talked some more about their animal fetish.Colin told me that he had a friend over in Utah that had a boar that would fuck a woman.He had a rack built for the woman to lay on, with a rack above her for the boar to lay on, so he didn’t crush her. “Would you do that for me Alisha, and let me watch.”She held him close and said, “I’ll do anything you ask Colin, anything………set it up and I’ll do it.”Colin was very happy with her. She was learning that he liked to watch her getting fucked, by another guy or…… animal.Then he liked to fuck her…..sloppy seconds.But also, he liked to make love to her…….he had done it several times, he was the most tender and compassionate of a person she had ever met, and probably the kinkiest person she knew, excepting Cody.“I know that we are going to be very happy together, we are both so damn open minded.” She said.Colin put Spartacus out in the back yard, he was starting to het horny again, but, Alisha was not ready to do him again right now.Colin went back into the office……..he came out smiling from ear to ear.“I called Jeremiah, out in Utah, it’s all set up, we can go out there tomorrow.Alisha giggled, thinking how kinky things would get now that Colin shared her interests.They went to bed and Colin made love to her as passionate and personal as it gets.The old adage that there is someone for everyone is true. The next morning they were up early.Colin had a few things to take care of before he could leave, as did Alisha. She got in the shower and cleaned herself up good, then called Justin and told him what she wanted done today.He told her that one truckload of cattle had arrived and the guys were starting to work them.The other trucks would be arriving about every hour.She told him that she would be back tomorrow and that she was going with Colin to look at another dealership.She called her Dad and told him what was going on.He told her that was fine, he would take care of things till she got back.Alisha packed an overnight bag, just in case she needed it.Colin came back home and picked her up to go to the airport.She had packed him an overnight bag also.Colin told her that he had a video camera, to record the action for them to enjoy later.She told him that was ok, but she wanted a vault to put the tapes in, he agreed.They got on the Gulfstream and took off.They flew to Logan, Utah.Colin had a car rented so they went to the car rental to pick it up. They got in the car and took off.Colin told her that he had known this guy for many many years.They had met at a national car sales symposium and found that they had some common interests. Colin had been out here before and watched some human/animal interactions. Jeremiah Collins owned several car dealerships throughout the Salt Lake City area.He was very rich and a close business associate of Colin’s.Colin assured Alisha that he was very trustworthy.He told her that he was married with 3 kids.He also told her that he might want to fuck her too, if Alisha agreed.She hugged Colin, I think I might want both of you to fuck me before the pig does, ok?They drove about 30 miles out from Logan to a small ranch.It was about 5 miles off the main road……. out in the middle of nowhere and very isolated.As they drove up, Alisha saw that there were several new outbuildings and several corals with different animals in them.Colin saw Jeremiah standing alongside his truck outside one of the buildings.When they got out Jeremiah came to Colin and hugged him and shook his hand.Colin introduced Alisha to him.Alisha noticed that Jeremiah was a very good looking man about 40.He looked to be in very good shape.He looked at Alisha and told her what a beautiful woman she was.“So you like animals, Alisha?” he asked.“Yes I do.I’ve only been around horses and dogs so far though.”She couldn’t help but notice how he was checking her out.“Let’s go inside, Bruno is in here…….I’ll show you how this works…………… the way, all of the help is off today, so no one is going to be around at all.”This made Alisha feel a little more at ease.They went into the building.There were no windows and the door was heavily secured from the inside.The lights were on and there were a lot of theater type seats surrounding a pen in the middle of the building.Inside the pen was a padded bench about 5 ft long.It was about 18 inches off the ground.About a foot, just above it was another steel bench, well supported.The floor was covered in Astroturf.“This is where you will get it Alisha.You will lay on the bottom bench.Your legs will be spread wide and raised above you.They will be in these racks and will be strapped in.Your pleasure zone will be at the edge of the lower bench. The boar will come in and probably will lick you a lot then when he is ready, he will jump up on the metal bench above you.You will be protected from his weight and his sharp hooves.He will then take his time and penetrate you with his long, skinny, corkscrew dick.Don’t be alarmed when it goes inside you, he can control the movements of his cock without humping his ass…..a boar is a little different.Then once inside you will feel him searching for the entrance to your uterus, through your cervix.It may burn a little, but let me assure you, you will love the feeling and probably begin multiple orgasms at this point.Most women do. He will noticeably fill your tummy with sperm, you will see it begin to rise when he begins.The ejaculation can last up to 30 minutes, so be prepared for many orgasms.What do you think?”Alisha smiled and said it sounded like a real adventure.“How many times can I do it?”she asked Jeremiah.“We don’t recommend that a woman do it more than twice in a day.He will fill you, and I do mean fill you.You will see your tummy rise about two inches.When he feels the end coming, he will start to withdraw his cock a little at a time.At this point his system starts to mix in a thickener.By the time he comes out of you, he will have sealed up all the cum he has put in place.It’s nature’s way of making sure his little swimmers stay in place to impregnate all the eggs that a sow has produced, which can be up to sixteen.”You will be able to walk around without a drop spilling out.Then when you are ready, you can hover over a toilet, stick in a finger and break the seal and it will all run out.Any more questions?”Alisha looked at Jeremiah and Colin.“What does this cost?”Jeremiah smiled at her, “no money my dear Alisha, I just want to fuck you first, the smell of a man’s cum will drive the boar wild and he will want to over mark you with his cum.” Alisha looked at us, “Well, lets get this show on the road, by the way, there are no cameras in here are there?”No Alisha we make sure there are none on the premises.This building was swept this morning, as it is every day I have a client.Colin told me you two want to film it, and that is ok.My wife likes for me to film her when she takes one of the animals here, we keep our library locked in a vault……we are very discreet here.”Alisha felt much better.There was a bench and table just outside the pen where Alisha took her clothes off.Jeremiah watched and commented to her, “You are one beautiful woman Alisha, you and my wife could be sisters.I think you two should meet soon, I think we have a lot of the same interests.”Alisha felt very comfortable with him.The building was warm, so she was comfortable naked.Jeremiah and Colin both stripped and she was led to the rack.Jeremiah helped her slide in under the metal rack till her ass was right at the edge of the leather bench.He took her legs, one at a time and put them into the racks, her legs were spread wide, outside the metal rack above her and her knees were about 18 inches or so above her torso, her legs were bent at the knees 90 degrees.When she was in place, Jeremiah started stroking his cock, preparing to fuck her.Colin was doing the same.Somewhere out of her sight, she could hear the boar grunting, hecould smell her pussy fluids, which were running rampantly out of her.The boar was getting very anxious and noisy.“That’s good Alisha, you’re good and wet, that makes things very easy.Jeremiah brought up a small pillow to put under his knees and raise his cock to the level of Alisha’s glory hole.Colin had set up the video camera and was taping.Jeremiah slid his 8 inches into her and started pumping.He had hold of her hips pulling himself into her.After about 10 minutes, she felt him cum and heard him moan. “Damn, Alisha, you are so tight and firm, that was great.Alisha still had not had an orgasm, she thought that she was just nervous.Colin got down and slid into her cum canal.He fucked his bride to be for a good fifteen minutes, he felt Alisha cumming and let his go at the same time.Alisha had a great orgasm……..she was calmed down now and ready for the pig fucking.Colin and Jeremiah had put their clothes back on and Jeremiah went to the pen in the back of the building and brought in the boar.He explained to them that the boar had been cleaned thoroughly, inside and out.The boar was a big boy with balls the size of pineapples.He strutted around the pen sniffing, looking for the pussy he was smelling.He stood about three ft at the shoulders and was long.He found Alisha’s pussy all wet and waiting for him.He walked up and smelled it first.Then his tongue came out and he licked it really good, tasting the guys cum and Alisha’s sweet pussy juice.After about 10 minutes of licking, he jumped up on the top bench, his front legs stretched out in front of him.His corkscrew dick came out of the sheath and started searching for Alisha’s sweet pussy.He walked forward on his back legs, getting closer and closer to Alisha.Finally, he his cock contacted Alisha and his dick started sliding in and out of the sheath and twisting. It was spewing cum out in small spurts, lubricating the area he was about to penetrate.His cock seemed to have a life of its own as it searched for the entrance to her sperm receptacle.In a little while it found the entrance and pushed into her……..still searching for the entrance to her womb……the small hole in her cervix. Alisha could feel the corkscrew head feeling around inside her vagina.It located her cervix and the corkscrew head searched for the opening, when it found it, the end screwed itself into her uterus.As it slid further into her, she had a burning sensation, it hurt but felt good at the same time.She began to orgasm, as she felt his hot semen filling her cavity.He was standing still, only his dick was moving around inside her.Minutes passed and Alisha could feel her insides being filled with his hot cum.She looked down at her tummy and could see that it had risen slightly and that she was starting to feel full.15 minutes had passed and she could feel the boar’s cock still pumping his hot cum into her uterus…….it must have expanded a lot, her whole tummy had expanded, she looked as though she was gaining weight.Another ten minutes passed and he continued pumping her full of his hot juice.She had climaxed countless times and was somewhere off in la la land.She felt the boars cock starting to slide out, slowly.The cum he had injected into her up to now had felt thin and watery, but now the feeling had changed, it was feeling more gel like.As the end of his dick pulled back into her vagina, she felt it beginning to to be filled.Her tummy was rising more.He pulled his cock out some more until he was at the entrance.It spewed a thick gel there and then returned to the boar’s sheath.The boar crawled off of the rack and went to sniff and observe the outside of her pussy, to make sure it wasn’t leaking and that all his seed had remained inside her.He walked over across the pen and laid down, looking exhausted.Alisha felt like her whole body cavity was full of pig cum.Her stomach was bloated up, full to capacity.She didn’t know how many orgasms she had experienced, but there had been a lot and she felt great.Jeremiah and Colin helped her off the bench and to her feet.“How do you feel Alisha, did it feel like you thought it might?” Jeremiah asked her.“I haven’t had that many orgasms at one time in my life…….it felt so wonderful…….the sensation of being filled to the brim with his cum was great…….I want to do it again.”Colin was still filming.Jeremiah told her that to keep from making a mess here in the pen, she should go to the toilet and puncture the seal the boar had put inside her and drain out.If she wanted to, she could shower and douche before the next session. They followed her into the toilet and Jeremiah guided her to stand over the toilet bowl.He slipped his finger inside her and once the seal was broke, about a gallon of pig cum drained out of her.As the cum drained Alisha saw her tummy shrink back to its normal size.She went into the shower, washed off and douched.They went back out into the pen.Porky was still laying on the far side sleeping, regaining his strength.Jeremiah and Colin helped her back into the rig.They both dropped their pants and fucked Alisha again.When the smell of her pussy and their cum drifted around the pen, it was just a matter of seconds and Porky was on his feet looking for that female to breed.He quickly found her and began the same routine again.He licked her pussy for a little while before mounting the rack.He walked forward with his hind feet till his dick slipped inside Alisha once more.It screwed itself through the hole in her cervix and into her uterus and began pumping.Alisha felt like her insides were on fire again, but the pain soon subsided into pleasure as her uterus was filled to the brim with his hot cum.This time it took almost 45 minutes to complete.This time she was being filled fuller than before.Her tummy was stretching upwards a good three inches.This must be what it feels like to be pregnant, she thought.Colin was filming everything.Alisha was cumming so much she was almost in a drug induced state of pleasure and pain.Porky began pulling back and sealing her up like last time.Again, he stopped to inspect his work before he went to take a nap.Jeremiah and Colin helped Alisha out of the rack again and helped her to the toilet.Again she hovered over the toilet bowl and drained the pig jizz out.She showered and douched and put her face back on. Jeremiah asked if she would like for him to show her the farm, in case there was something else she might like in the future.She thought that would be nice.They walked around the buildings and over to the pens.He had a regular zoo out here.He had llamas, goats, wolves, bears, a zebra, horses, ponies, one of the biggest dogs she had ever seen, bulls, a kangaroo, a camel, several donkeys, a tiger, a gorilla and some different varieties of chimpanzees.He had a building with large snakes.That really turned Alisha off.She thought the gorilla looked cool.Jeremiah told them that all the animals were totally docile and had all been born in captivity and raised around humans.One of the chimpanzees followed along the cage sniffing her as she walked by.Jeremiah told her that he fancied her…..he could tell by the way he was following her and sniffing.If you want Alisha, we can go over there and he’ll do you in about ten minutes.They all just had their baths early this morning, so he’s clean.Alisha didn’t know what to say.Colin was grinning at her and urging her to do it if she wanted.Alisha told him she had had all the animals she wanted for today and she wanted to go.Jeremiah told her she could come back anytime she wanted, just give him 24 hours notice.We also have get togethers out here a couple of times a year.If you want to share with other people with the same interests, let us know and you can come out.We’ll do our next one in June.Colin and Alisha got back into their car and drove toward town.Alisha was really quiet and it worried Colin.He asked her what is the matter, she just sat there and didn’t want to talk.When they got to the airport and got on the plane, Alisha got in her seat and buckled herself in.The plane left the ground and Alisha began to cry.Colin was visibly bothered and continued to ask her what the problem was.She wrapped her arms around him, crying and whispering in his ear……….”I feel so dirty, letting dirty animals take my body, I just am feeling like a dirty whore, Colin………I’m afraid you won’t want me any more after the animals have had me.”Colin reassured her that he loved her and that he enjoyed watching her get screwed by different animals.He calmed her down and sat next to her, continuing to reassure her it was ok.By the time they got back to Alamosa, she had gotten over her small dip of depression and was back to normal.They went home. Alisha didn’t want to see anyone else today.The next morning, Alisha was back to her old self.She did breakfast with Colin having business conversations about all their business holdings and what their plans for them are.Alisha told him that she still had to buy another 200 head of cattle and she would be set.Everything was to begin in the spring when the cows started calving.Colin told her that he was keeping his eye out for more dealerships that might come available.They decide to set their wedding for May.They were going to build one very large business, one that would be the envy of anyone.Colin is acquainted with one of the top attorney’s in the country and suggested to Alisha, that they consult with him and consider having one Mother Corporation that owns the other corporations they control.There are many tax advantages and limits on personal liability.Alisha agreed they should start doing something now……they would soon be married and need to protect their assets and hedge off the taxes.Colin told her he would have his friend come here and they could have a day or two to talk and plan their strategy.Before she left for the ranch, Colin reassured Alisha that he did indeed love her and he wanted them to be together forever.Alisha held him close and kissed him.“I know, my dear, I know………There were just too many things yesterday that overwhelmed me……I’m ok now.”She kissed him again and drove to the ranch to check on the new cattle……she hoped they were all here by now..At the ranch things were busy as a beehive.All of the cattle had arrived and the hands were busy working them, preparing to turn them out in the holding pasture tomorrow.Alisha drove up at the corals and climbed up on the fence, looking the new herd over.The State Brand inspector, Sid Jenson was there as was the State Veterinarian, Jess Johnson.They were doing their respective inspections on the new cattle.Justin was with them giving them the information they required.Alisha walked by them and told them good morning.They stopped and acknowledged her and visited for a short time.When she moved on toward the working chutes, Sid said to the others, “Justin, I don’t know how you get any work done around here, I wish I had a boss that looked like that, damn she’s beautiful…….and to be so damn smart………that’s a combo you don’t see every day.She will make this one hell of a ranch with all she has planned.”Justin just smiled, “Yeah Sid, you’re right, she is one hot number, but all business.She‘s probably the smartest and best boss I’ve ever had……and she’s tough too, she can do anything there is to be done around this ranch, herself.The guys that work here all hold her in the highest regard and they trust her implicitly.”Jess chimed in, “And from what I’ve heard, you don’t want to cross her either, some say her wrath is worse than a hurricane…..personally, I don’t ever want to find out.”They all laughed and went back to business.Alisha looked the cattle over really close.She was on the ground, on top of the fences and chutes and walking around among them.If there was a problem, she saw it and marked the cow on the rump with a piece of red chalk for the hands to take care of.Alisha was very proud of herself and the job she could do.However, her mind drifted back to yesterday and the experience with the boar………the feeling of that boar cock inside her filling her belly to its capacity with his hot sperm.She had never felt a sensation like that in her life………and she wanted to feel it again……but meanwhile, she wanted to fuck men………..a little bit of the animal sex went a long way.Bob came down the corals to find her.“Damn, girl, you did one hell of a good job with this herd.I watched them coming off the trucks yesterday, not a bad cow here……I always knew I was right about your abilities……I’m proud of you, Pumpkin.”He walked on through the cattle in this pen and over by Justin and the State guys.Alisha was satisfied that everything was going well here and decided to go to the office and start entering the data she had into the computer……they should finish getting the rest to her by the end of the day. She was happy with her life…… was going just as she wanted.She had an appointment with her mom this afternoon and another class at Adams.She should have everything done here by noon, maybe she should call her mom and have lunch before her appointment. When she called Anne, she was elated to talk to her daughter and go to lunch with her.They decided to meet at “Clancey’s” for lunch, it was usually quiet.She began imputing the new data from yesterday…….this shouldn’t take but an hour or so.She was working steadily when Cody came in.“Hi Sis, how’s it hanging?” she merrily blurted out.Alisha knew she might as well quit till she left, her mouth would be running a mile a minute.“I’m fine, what’s got you in such a good mood?”Cody pulled her coat off and slumped down in a chair.“I’ve been laid so much lately, I’m just happy as hell, I feeeeeeel good.”Alisha smiled and told her that that will always make your day good.Alisha told Cody that Colin knew about the two of them doing Spartacus and Biggie.Cody’s mouth dropped wide open.“How the hell did he find out about that?” she asked.“Well, she began,Connie brought Spartacus over for me to babysit while she made a whirlwind trip to Denver.It was early in the afternoon and I had finished cleaning up the game room after the other night.Spartacus was making advances on me so I decided to let him do me, I had plenty of time before Colin got home. Welllllll, we got down in the bedroom and he fucked me good.He put in his knot and began cumming…….We had been hung up for quite a while and there was no sign of it breaking for a while when I heard Colin’s car drive in the yard………he came in and got the full scene….me and Spartacus but to but and dog cum dripping out on the floor.”Cody was totally shocked, “Damn, what did he do?” she asked.“He started smiling and checking out the knot, up close.He came around to me and told me hot and horny it made him and he loved to watch women have sex with animals.When the knot popped out, he was naked and fucked me right there in the middle of a puddle of dog cum……..hardest he’s been since I’ve known him.”Cody started smiling, “so you told him about me and you?”“Yes, I did…….he said he’d like to watch both of us getting banged by dogs sometime.”He loves this stuff as much as we do.“Alisha, you’re one lucky bitch, you know that? Colin has to be the coolest guy in the world, he is kinkier than we are.” she giggled.“Alisha then told her about what she did yesterday, “Cody, you won’t believe how good it feels, I must have had over 25 orgasms………getting filled by a boar is an experience.That guy out in Utah has all kinds of animals, all you have to do to have relations with one of them, is fuck the owner.He oversees the interlude and keeps you safe.”Cody listened intently, very interested.“I’d like to do that Sis, let me know if you go back.”Alisha told her that the orangutan was one animal she was intrigued with.As I passed his cage, he eyeballed me and showed me his 10 inches of cock………..then he smiled at me…….I dreamed about him last night…..I may have to go back sometime and see if I can take it, but for the near future, I want men.”Cody was giggling like a schoolgirl.Alisha told her that she had heard of people that were really into this, but really never believed it till now.Anyway, we can always have access to Spartacus and one of these Saturdays, when everyone is gone again, we’ll have to take care of Biggie again……Colin really wants to watch that.Cody was getting giddy again……”Yeah, I’d like for him to watch.”The two of them laughed their wicked little laughs.Alisha had to go, she asked Cody if she wanted to go have lunch with their mom with her….she declined…….she said she was having lunch with Justin at the Holiday Inn………room 323.….she laughed and they went on their separate ways.Lunch with her mom was a pleasant experience for Alisha.Sometimes she didn’t want to be around her mom…….they could be a lot alike at times.Alisha wondered if her mom had the same kinky desires as her. She knew Anne had been pretty wild in her younger days, she just hadn’t ever heard exactly what she had done.Someday she would find out.They went back to the practice and spent the next hour discussing Alisha’s sex problems.All during the session, Alisha didn’t dare talk about her animal perversion, her mom would have disowned her.After all, the animal thing was a hobby…….at least that’s what she is telling herself.As Alisha left her mom’s office, she wondered if she would ever be normal or if she would be this way forever……only time would tell.Alisha then went to class at Adams.The student that had picked her up a few months ago and taken her to his apartment after class, was present.He remembered her using him for his cock, then leaving him as soon as she got her rocks of.He sat giving her dirty looks during the whole class, but Alisha didn’t care.She had got what she wanted and really didn’t give a damn whether he liked it or not……..hell, he should be happy he got to fuck the most beautiful woman in town…………She ignored his looks and laughed at him for his stupid attitude.Alisha knew what she did, from time to time, just to get some cock, and she probably wouldn’t change.She laughed, I wonder If I could use him again, then leave before he cums……..he he he……that would be funny as hell.One of these days………..When class was over, she went back out to the ranch.The hands only had a dozen or so cattle left to work.She was glad.She had to go to the bathroom, so she went to the office.When she finished and stood up, she was surprised to see some of the gelled pig cum come dropping out of her.Damn, how long does that stuff stay in place she thought. She thought she had douched it all out, but she guessed that Jeremiah knew what he was talking about, it can stay in a woman for 3 or 4 days.Alisha was ready to go home so she left.She stopped by the building site on the way home.Melvin was still there, finishing up for the day.The house was coming along really good.Most of the framework was up and they had started putting up the celotex.Melvin told her that he should have the house closed up in about a week.Melvin and Alisha had dated back in high school.He remembered fucking her back then.She had always been beautiful and had always had a knockout body.He asked her, “Alisha, what say we go out some day after work and have a drink, we could talk about old times, maybe even get re-acquainted.”Alisha thought to herself, “might be good for a quick fuck one of these days.”“Sure, I’d like to get re-acquainted with you.We used to have a lot of fun together, especially in your back seat…..”Melvin instantly got a hard on.“How about right now?” he asked.“Why not………let’s go.I’ll meet you at St Ives.”That sounded good to Melvin, he thought this might be his lucky day.As she drove to the bar, Alisha thought that it might not be a bad idea to get a hold on Melvin, so he would get the construction finished quicker and maybe give her some extra benefits for her money.They arrived at St. Ives before the after work crowd got there.Alisha ordered her favorite, Double Patron on the rocks.Before the waitress walked away she ordered a second one.Alisha took the salt and lime then shot down the double and wiped her lips.Melvin couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.She was great in high school, but now that she had grown up, Alisha was absolutely a living doll.How had he lost her back in high school?He had asked himself that question so many times but couldn’t ever figure out why.Unknown to him, Alisha had always used guys for her pleasure then dumped them when she tired of them.Today, she wasn’t as bad, but, she would still use men.For some reason, Colin was the exception……even she couldn’t explain it.Melvin and Alisha talked, reminisced about the past and laughed a lot in the next hour or so.They both drank quite a bit and were really feeling good. Alisha was leaning far over the table listening to Melvin.He couldn’t help but notice her perfect D breasts half protruding out of her blouse.He was fixated on them and told Alisha that they were the most beautiful tits he had ever seen.She grinned and blushed a little and thanked him for the comment and asked him if he would like to see all of them.Melvin almost fell off his chair.“Hell yes I’d like to see all of them, Alisha, I’d love to see you naked again.She smiled at him and told him she needed to go to the bathroom and would be right back.Melvin was planted in the chair and not even an earthquake could get him to move right now.Alisha blew him a kiss as she went to the restrooms.She was a manipulative woman at times.Once in the restroom,中文字幕av she called Colin. When he answered she asked him, “Colin, would you like to watch a guy do me tonight?”Colin didn’t hesitate, “Shit yes I would, do I know him?”Alisha laughed, “you know Melvin, my contractor and my old boyfriend, well we were talking about the house, we went to have a drink and discuss it further…….now he wants to fuck me.I thought that you could go to the house and turn on the video equipment and watch, I’ll tell him you’re gone.”Colin was noticeably excited and told her everything would be up and ready by the time they got there.Alisha returned to the table, Melvin watched her walk toward him.She stopped and kissed him, a deep long kiss, and said, “Let’s go over to my house, Colin is gone.Will your wife be looking for you?”Melvin was excited, “I’ll call her and tell her I’m working late and won’t be home for a while.” “Great, follow me over to my house.”Alisha got her purse and went out the door with Melvin behind her.When they got to the house, Alisha didn’t open the door to the garage, Colin’s car was in there.She got out and met Melvin as he came around his car.She kissed him again and squeezed his package, which was rock hard.Melvin grasped her breasts and squeezed them as he kissed her neck.Alisha giggled and led him to the front door, then down the hall to the guest bedroom.Once inside, she shut the door and took her clothes off.She knew that Colin was watching and put on a good striptease for him.She was right, Colin was sitting at his desk watching it all on the big screen.Melvin wasn’t wasting any time getting his clothes off, he wanted a piece of this exotic beauty, man she had really grown up well.Alisha went to the bed and pulled the covers back and crawled into the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide so Melvin could see her puffy pink lips and delicate inner lips.Melvin could see the wetness beaded on her flower petals and dived in with his tongue to gather all her sweet nectar he could get.Alisha was over the edge with pleasure……Colin was slowly stroking his cock, watching with great interest.Melvin licked her pussy and clit, many times his long tongue would dart into her hot, wet love canal.Alisha began to cum, a methodical, slow orgasm, starting deep inside her, then radiating outward.She gushed a wave of pussy juice out onto Melvin’s face, which he eagerly licked up.When she finished, she pushed Melvin over on his back and took his cock in her mouth and began to take it down her throat, tasting his sweet pre-cum as it oozed from the end of his cock.She knew he was very close to a climax, so she picked up the pace and her talented tongue worked up and down his glistening cock till it erupted a glorious spew of white, hot, sperm laden cum.Alisha gulped it down as fast as he could ejaculate it into her mouth.It had been a while since she had a good portion of man cum and she was enjoying every hot drop.When he stopped flowing, Alisha went to him and kissed him, he could taste his cum as they kissed.Alisha smiled at him and started kissing his chest, down to his belly and finally back to his resting manhood.She kissed it on the head and picked up a lingering drop of sweet cum with her tongue.She kissed his tool and licked it up and down, then took both his balls into her mouth and caressed them with her tongue.His tool began to awaken and rise.His balls came out of her mouth and with the tip of her tongue, she licked from his ball sack, up the underside of his cock back to the tip, where she collected another drop of cum that had escaped his throbbing meat.In one quick movement, Alisha straddled his midsection and took his cock deep inside her in one stroke.The sheer pleasure of this movement took Melvin’s breath away.His hands went to her voluptuous breasts and cupped around them.As she began to rise and fall on his glory pole his hands slid down her sides to her hips and around and grasped her beautiful ass.Alisha slowly moved up and down on his hard dick, savoring all the pleasure she could from it.At the bottom of the stroke she could feel his big, hard balls touch her ass.If she leaned just a slight bit forward, his cock rubbed her engorged clit, making her begin a series of deep orgasms.His mushroom head cock rubbed her g-spot perfectly, extenuating every movement she made.Melvin couldn’t believe the pleasure she was giving him.Her orgasms were causing vibrations deep inside Alisha that his cock could feel.As he felt these sensations emanating from deep inside Alisha, it pushed him to one of the most fantastic orgasms he had ever experienced in his life. He pushed his cock deep into her, spewing hot cum, it’s head pushed slightly into the orifice in her cervix and began to deposit his sperm directly into her uterus. After the experience with the boar, she was more sensitive to the inner feelings of intercourse.As Melvin continued to deposit his hot seed into her depths, Alisha was feeling more than she had ever felt before.The sensations continued giving her multiple orgasms.Her tummy muscles were spasming, massaging Melvin’s cock.Melvin had never delivered this much cum in his life.Alisha continued the slow grind on him, her hands rested on his breasts and were gripping them tightly, hurting him some, but he didn’t care.“FUCK ME MEL, SHOOT ME FULL OF YOUR HOT CUM, FILL ME TILL I RUN OVER……FUUUCCCKK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!” she was screaming.Melvin was obliging, his balls and dick were delivering up one of the largest man loads that had ever been injected into Alisha.When the orgasms subsided, Alisha collapsed on top of Melvin, his spent cock remained inside her.Colin had the capabilities of zooming in with the camera that was installed.He had zoomed in to Alisha’s ass and had watched as Melvin’s cock was expanding, pulsing and delivering wads of hot cum into his wife to be.He could see the thick cum slithering out of her, around Mel’s cock, over his balls and puddling on the bed sheets.Colin let go of a load of hot cum, it spewed out the end of his steel rod all over his desk……what a performance his soon to be wife had given him……she was terrific….and she knew exactly what he wanted to see and hear.Melvin and Alisha stirred after 20 minutes or so, they were both exhausted from the sexual exertion they had just experienced.Alisha raised her ass and as Melvin’s cock flopped out, a torrent of his cum gushed out of her and onto his balls.She raised up erect on her knees and let the thick white goo stream out of her pussy onto Melvin.She inserted two fingers deep in the milky stream and took them to her tongue and tasted the sweetness of his semen.She naughtily smiled behind her fingers as her tongue licked his cum.She leaned forward and kissed Melvin again.“Lover, you really should go soon, Colin will be home in an hour or so.Melvin didn’t waste any time, he surely didn’t want to be caught with Alisha, he didn’t know Colin that well, but he wasn’t going to take the chance of infuriating him.“God, you’re good Alisha, so much more than when we were in school.I hope we can do this again.”Alisha rolled over on her side, still licking his cum from her fingers, “You can bet on it lover, and it won’t be long……you’ve got a great cock and I love the taste of your cum, I love a man’s cum in my mouth.”Looking at Alisha lying there naked and licking his cum off her fingers almost pushed Melvin to disrobe and take her again, but his better judgement won out.“You can let yourself out, can’t you, lover, I’m gonna lay here for a while and taste some more of your gift before I get dressed.”Melvin knew that he had better go and go quick, before he had to mount her again.“Good night Alisha, see you soon,” he said as he departed the room.She heard the front door open and close.She rolled over on her back on the bed.In a few minutes, Colin entered, naked with a hard on that wanted to be satisfied.Alisha opened her arms and her legs and said, “Ok my love, I’m yours now, take all you want.”Without words, Colin crawled on top of Alisha, rested on his elbows and kissed her deeply.“I love you so much, Alisha.” he said as his cock slipped deep inside her and he began to make love to her.Two and a half hours later, they finished making love and slept, holding each other as close as they could.They are two twisted people that have found common bliss and a love that won’t soon die.Stranger things have happened, but not recently.CHAPTER 9]During the weeks that followed, Colin and Alisha worked hard on their respective businesses and their relationship.Colin bought two more dealerships and Alisha found the rest of the cattle she needed to complete her plan.The ranch was moving forward and soon spring would be here and a new cycle of life would begin.They didn’t socialize with anyone, they spent all of their free time together locked in sexual bliss fulfilling each other’s sexual desires.Alisha has continued her therapy, she and her Mom feel she is making giant strides forward.Her attitudes toward men, has improved, but she still craves sex with other men and animals.She would do anything for Colin, she had told him as much, and he used this to fuel his own twisted desires.They really weren’t good for each other, but fate had connected them for whatever reason……and….. as we all know, fate is fickle and sometimes has a twisted sense of humor.**************The mountains hadn’t changed much over the years, Alisha noticed as she finished off the cup of gourmet coffee she was drinking and stepped into the kitchen to fill it again.The herd of elk, grazing in the meadow below her home, had moved along a few hundred yards, but were still unconcerned.Alisha loved her home, it was her dream house, built to her exacting specifications.She walked back out on the patio and continued to watch the elk, which had become alerted to something.She looked along the tree line and saw a couple of coyotes looking for a morning snack.When they disappeared into the aspens the elk went back to their routine.So many things had happened throughout the years, but she regretted nothing, it had made her a stronger woman and she understood almost everything that had happened in her life.She smiled as she remembered her wild younger days………….**************Alisha was up early, as usual.She laughed as she thought about Melvin running for his life after he had just got, probably, the best piece of ass he had ever had in his life.The sex that she and Colin had after Mel was fantastic.She fixed breakfast for them and read the latest Valley news in the paper.Colin bounced in whistling a tune.He went to her, kissed her, took her hand and danced around the kitchen with her.“My, but you look happy this morning,” she said. “Well, I’m in love with the most beautiful woman in the world………….and she loves me……..that’s all a man could ask for.” He talked about yesterday afternoon and how much he had enjoyed watching her fucking another guy…..”you made me very happy, Alisha.You can do that anytime you want.”Alisha knew she would, it was like a license to fuck whoever she wanted.She got up close to him and whispered, “maybe I’ll bring a black guy home sometime, one with a horse cock…….would you like that?”Colin almost shot a load in his underwear,”OH YES, you can do that anytime you want, matter of fact, please do it for me sometime.”Alisha grinned, “Anything for you my love.” He reminded her that he would like to watch her fuck Biggie sometime and that he would like for Cody to be there too, it was fine with her. Alisha smiled and nodded yes.She kissed him and told him she had to go to the bank then out to the ranch and that she would talk to him later. “I’ll check and see when everyone will be gone from the ranch and I’ll set it up.”He slapped her on the ass as she walked by and told her he loved her.Alisha was interested in letting Biggie fuck her again, but not as much as she wanted to fuck a boar again.When the new house was done, she might have to buy some pigs on the pretext of having some for meat……she could train her own boar and have him any time she wanted…….she was wet. Alisha was as happy as she had ever been, she was singing to a song on the radio as she drove up to her office.She got out and went into the office singing.Bob looked up from his computer and said to her, “Sounds like someone got laid last night, ha ha ha “ She frowned at Bob, “Dad, you’re a dirty old man, you know that?”He just laughed and went back to his work, giggling under his breath.One thing about their relationship, nothing was out of bounds…….either way.Alisha had told him the same thing several times.One thing was for sure, they thought a lot of each other.Alisha booted up her computer and checked her emails, then went to entering data into the breeding program she had been working on.Her thoughts drifted back to that big boar that covered her in Utah.She could still feel the feeling of her insides being completely filled with pig cum.Next time she didn’t want to douche it out, she wanted to feel all those little pig swimmers inside her for a few days.She continued her data input until about 11 and decided to go look at the new house…..and check out Melvin and see how he was doing, she was in a giddy mood and might just tease him some..he he he.When she got to the building site, Melvin was Johnny on the spot to get to her.He gave her a tour of the house and the progress. She told him that it was really going to be fun when it was almost completed and he was working alone on finish work. She winked at him.His coveralls had a huge bulge in the front, Melvin saw her staring at it.“I think that Colin will be gone all night sometime next week, what do you think,” she asked him, wanna fuck me again?”He smiled wide and nodded yes, “Just let me know.”She waved at him as she left and started for her house.Alisha was getting at a point she was really feeling like binge fucking.She always started getting super horny when she was ovulating, and that time was either near or here.She had been thinking about another clandestine interlude so Colin would be happy.She has a class shortly and there’s a black guy in it that might just be a candidate.It wouldn’t hurt to check it out, she thought.On her way to class she called Colin and told him about her plan…….he was very excited……a beautiful white woman with a hung black guy, it was his fantasy come true.When she got to class, the black guy was there, sitting in the back of the auditorium.The seats up front were pretty crowded so she thought she would go sit by him and strike up a conversation.As she walked close to him she asked, “Is anyone sitting here.”He immediately smiled and said, “no, you’re welcome to sit if you want.”Alisha grinned at him and sat down and organized her notebook and prepared to take notes.“Hi, my name is Alisha, I just hate to be crowded” she said pointing down to the front of the auditorium.”“Yeah, me too.I’m Henry.”They chit chatted till the lecture began.The class was short today and when it ended, Henry asked her if she would like a cup of coffee.She smiled her best smile and accepted.It was a nice day as they walked over to the Student Center.She had never really looked him over that well till now.He stood about 6’3” and weighed, probably around 240 pounds……all trim and lean.He told her that he had played football for Adams but had to drop out because he felt he was neglecting his studies.They arrived at the Student Center.He told her to go find a table and he’d get the coffee.She watched as he walked away, nice butt, she thought.She found a table in a quiet corner and sat down.As he walked toward her she could see a huge bulge in his sweats….it looked good to her.They talked for quite a while.Alisha was wearing a really low cut tank under her jacket.She took her jacket off and hung it on the back of the chair.As she talked to Henry she leaned over the table, leaning on her elbows.She could see that Henry was admiring her fantastic tits.She caught him looking down her front and smiled at him as he looked away, thinking she had caught him.He was a little embarrassed.She giggled a little and asked him, “Well Henry, did you like what you saw?”He sheepishly looked back at her and nodded yes to her. “You are a really good looking girl and you are put together real good.”Alisha was still smiling at him.“Well, Henry, I have to confess something to you, I’ve noticed you for a long time.I’ve fantasized about your beautiful body and what it would be like to be with you……………….naked.I only got up enough nerve to come talk to you today, now I’m a little embarrassed being so forward with you.”She looked down at her coffee.He put his hand on her shoulder, “Alisha, I’ve noticed you since the first day of class and never had the nerve to say hi to you, then when you asked to sit down today, well, I felt this must be my lucky day.”Alisha looked up from her coffee and looked him deep in his eyes, her lips slightly parted.“Do you want to come with me over to my place, where we can be alone?”His eyes sparkled and opened wide.A wide smile came on his face and he told her he could think of nothing he’d rather do.Alisha told him that she had to go to the restroom and they would go as soon as she got back.He was happy, just thinking about the possibility of riding her for a while.When she got into the restroom she called Colin and told him the good news.He was beside himself, she could tell he was jumping for joy.He told her he would be home in about 10 minutes and would have everything set up and ready.After the interlude with Melvin, Colin installed 4 more cameras in the room so he could get better views of the action.Alisha went back to the table and smiled.“Are you ready?” she asked.He smiled and said, “Oh yes, am I ever ready.”He followed Alisha in his car to her house.When they got there, she took his hand and led him to the front door.She unlocked it and led him inside, then locked it.She led him to the guest bedroom and shut the door.Henry knew why she brought him here and wasted no time pulling her close to him and kissing her.She gave him some tongue and he became very excited.Her hands went to his crotch and grasped his manhood……she could tell he was huge.She hoped that Colin was there and had his video equipment running.Henry unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off of her.As he was undoing her jeans, she removed her bra.She finished removing her jeans and pulled her panties down and let them fall.Henry was getting his clothes off as he watched her.When he dropped his boxers, Alisha gasped.His cock had to be at least 12 inches long and she couldn’t touch her fingers together as they encircled its girth.Alisha wanted that cock inside her, but first she wanted to see how much of it she could take in her mouth.She dropped down to her knees and took that big black snake in both hands as she licked the drop of pre-cum off of it’s pointed head.Henry moaned when she took half of it into her mouth.She held it there for a moment, then began to slowly work it further down her throat.She was good at a deep throat and continued taking it down,further and further.She could see she only had about 2 inches to go, but there was no way she thought.His cock was already in her esophagus.Hard as she tried she couldn’t take it all down her throat.As she pulled off of it she gasped.Henry was definitely pleased.He lifted her up to her feet and said, “I’ve never been much on blow jobs, I’m really partial to tight, white pussy.”Alisha led him to the bed and told him to be easy, she didn’t know how much of his dick she could take.He assured her he would be gentle.She laid back on the bed as he crawled over her.He had a magnificent body, very muscular and toned.His skin had a shine to it.She ran her hands over his body as he placed his joy stick between her soft, pink outer lips.She spread her legs further to give him easier access.He put the head inside her, she held her breath as he pushed it slowly inside her.She was soaking wet, her cum was running down her crack.He would go a little way inside her then withdraw so his cock would be well lubricated.He’d then slide it gently back in further than the last time.His cock was spreading her vagina wide.Finally, he had his cock in her all the way, she could feel his huge balls on her ass.He was supporting himself with his arms fully extended.Once inside her he let himself down on his elbows and began to pump his piston in and out of her love canal.Alisha was totally out of it, enjoying the extreme pleasure his huge cock was giving her.He would reach down from time to time and bite her hard nipples gently, sending electric shocks throughout her writhing body.Her legs were wrapped around his tight ass and were pulling him as close to her body as she could get him.She was moving in rhythm with him as his huge cock ravaged her pussy and pleasured her.His lips kissed hers and his tongue found her ear and burrowed into it sending shivers down her spine.She could feel her orgasm building, getting closer and closer.She could feel his cock expanding more, growing inside her…..she knew his balls were full and were preparing to flood her insides with his hot, sweet, sperm laden cum.Her only regret was it wasn’t going down her throat into her tummy.Henry was moving faster, long stroking her pussy, then faster………she can feel his muscles tightening and there is a gutteral groan coming from deep down inside him.He lunges into her and she feels his warmth filling her insides as her orgasm consumes her, waves and waves of contractions and spasms rock her body and she can feel a mixture of his and her fluids escaping her pussy and running down her ass crack. As she bucked under him, her body was twisting and pushing under him, convulsing as multiple orgasms consumed her.Her arms and legs are locked around his body as he rode her like a prize mare.When the fireworks were over, they both lay there, breathing heavily.Colin was viewing the rodeo from a camera directly overhead.He shot his load while looking at this big black stud lying on top of his spread eagled wife to be. Alisha is on her back with her legs spread as wide as possible and her arms around his torso. He is lying on top of her with his legs together and his cock buried in her spewing its hot load of cum deep inside her.The contrasting colors of their skin is a sight that turns Colin on. As he squeezes the last drops of cum from his rod he thinks, “Damn she knows how to fuck a guy and take everything he’s got.” ………..This little rodeo had took a lot out of Alisha, she really doesn’t know if she can go again.Henry is coming back to himself, he raises up off of her and pulls his cock from her sloppy wet pussy.There is a suction sound as his cock slides out and Alisha feels a rush of hot, sperm laden semen gush out of her onto the bed.Henry looks at her with wild eyes, “I hope you’re ready beautiful, I’m not done with you yet.”His cock was still rock hard and standing up past his navel.He rolled her over and pulled her up to her knees.His hands spread her wide open and she felt him lubricating his fingers with the juices running from her pussy.She feels a finger going up her ass and lubricating it.Then, she feels the head of his black snake at the opening to her ass.It starts in slowly, stretching her hole, she feels like the skin around her asshole is tearing slightly as his big cock continues its journey up her colon.It hurts and she is grimacing as it slides steadily inside her.She is very hot and the cool sheet feels good against her cheek.She raises up slightly and looks between her breasts back at her pussy mound.She can see his giant balls swinging like a pendulum as he fucks her slowly, but steadily.Then she feels his balls lying against her clit………..he is all the way in and starting to pump her, his hands on her hips, pulling and pushing her on and off his big cock.Alisha has began to cum again, once, twice………now starting the third.Her head is spinning, the extreme pleasure of her orgasm is overriding the pain she feels from her tissues being torn.She feels his cock expanding again, here it comes she thinks.No sooner said than done, his cock is pulsing, pumping her ass cavity full of his seed.She is exhausted and just lays there receiving his cum………..I’m just a piece of meat on his stick, she thinks to herself.When Henry finishes unloading his load, he pulls out of Alisha and she drops forward on her stomach, exhausted.Henry looks at the white, female body he has just taken.He can see his cum running out of both her holes and it turns him on again.His cock is still hard and he needs more release, she has him so worked up.She is so good looking and she is his prize and right now, she is his bitch.Alisha feels Henry pulling her legs together as she lays on her stomach.He lifts her ass up and pushes a pillow under her stomach……her ass is up in the air.He straddles her on his knees and slides his cock back into her wet pussy, fucking her mercilessly.Alisha doesn’t even know what’s happening to her at this point, she just knows that she feels fantastic, Henry is her stud horse and he can do to her whatever he wants.Three hours later, Henry is spent.He gets off of Alisha and stands looking at her ravaged body.She is lying on her back, sleeping, her legs spread, his cum running out of both her holes.She has cum on her face, all over her tits and all down her stomach.Henry is proud of himself, he showed this white girl a good time……….and she has showed him a greater time.He gets dressed and leaves.Poor Colin, he has beat his meat so much he can’t hardly walk.He has watched every stroke that Henry pumped in her from 5 different directions.He shot his load several times, but his cock is still hard as a rock wanting to fuck her.Alisha awoke and realized that Henry had left.She felt his cum running out of all her holes and saw she had cum shot all over her body.She thought to herself, Colin should love this one.She continued to lay there, waiting for him to come in and make love to her.Colin opened the door he saw Alisha lying on the bed with Henry’s cum running out of her and all over her body.As he looked at her, his cock became so hard he thought it would split.Alisha held her arms up and said, “Come on lover, your turn, and I can’t wait to have you inside me.With that, Colin leaped on Alisha and kissed her, sliding inside her as he did.She felt so warm, wrapped around his cock and her lips were sweet.Colin fucked Alisha for the next two hours, never changing positions.Her legs were wrapped around him and she moved with him with every stroke.They kissed, hugged, held each other close, and had their orgasms together.After a little rest, Colin got off of her and they walked to the shower and cleaned themselves.Alisha was starved so they went to Sonic for a burger and fries.They talked about this episode and decided that once with the black guy was enough.Again, Colin assured her that he loved her and he thanked her for what she did for him today.Alisha told Colin she was the one that should be thanking him, “Hell, I got serviced good by that black stud, he took all I had and then some.”Colin’s cock started getting hard just thinking about it.They finished their dinner and drove home.Alisha showered again and cleaned herself good for the man she loved, she knew he wanted her again and she wanted to be perfect for him.They went to bed and made love again.Colin was very considerate of her and so tender.Alisha’s body felt constant pleasure as he made love to her.They screwed for the next two hours, then slept soundly till the next morning.Alisha had not ever been as happy as she is now…….her life is coming together and she is starting to see the future.As the morning sun rose above the Rockies, it found Alisha naked, sipping an exotic blend of coffee and staring out the window, watching the red hues stream across the sky.Colin as still fast asleep, laying naked on top of the covers.Alisha looked at him and knew, without doubt, that he was the one, the only one.Her addiction to sex really didn’t bother her as much as it had in the past.She had found that this, so called, obsession, of hers really was adding to their happiness.Colin loved what she did and it brought them closer together every day.She had gone for long periods of time not fucking anything but Colin.Their sex life was good, but sometimes a little variance in their regular routines brought them both a lot more pleasure.A month and a half had passed and she had had only Colin.He liked to take her every day, sometimes three or four times……and she loved every minute of it.Lately, he had been hinting he would like to watch a boar fuck her again, and she was beginning to desire the same thing.She had thoughts of doing a boar from a farm, not a trained boar, but one that would take her like he did his sows.She had done a little searching and had maybe found the perfect place, but she still had to do some further investigation.She sipped her coffee thinking about the boar, her pussy was beginning to feel warm and her juices were starting to run out of her.With her free hand, she rubbed herself till she felt the pangs of an orgasm envelop her.Her hot moisture, dripped from her hot pussy as she completed.Her thoughts went back to finding that place she could go, get in the mud and fuck like a real pig.It was still arousing to her.She had found a small pig farm down near San Acacio.It was for sale and she had possibly made a deal to buy it.She had met with the current owner and made an offer maybe today she would hear whether he accepts it.The operation is a farrow to finish operation and is moderately profitable.It is staffed, so no one from the ranch will be involved.She has thought it out, the staff works very early on Saturday mornings taking care of the animals, then from 10:00am Saturday till 12:00 noon on Sunday, no one is there.It is located in a remote area and believes it may very well be the perfect setup for her perverted plans.Colin is all for it and has checked out the books and found them to be in order.With a few new ideas, the pig farm can become more profitable with a little work and a few changes.It could be a profitable playground for her and even Cody, if she’s still interested.She hasn’t mentioned anything about it to anyone around the ranch, and won’t till sometime in the future.She is excited to know if her new “playground” will become reality. She saw some of the boars when she toured the facility.She had went into the boar pens and found them to be very docile.She had scratched their backs and heads and had no problems with them.Some of the boars must have caught her scent, they kept wanting to put their noses in her crotch and followed her like she was in heat.She figured it must be because she was ovulating and they knew she was coming into season.The sun is up and brightly shining.She sits her coffee cup down and looks at Colin lying there in the early morning light.He must be having a good dream, his cock is hard and standing up.She has this need within her that she needs to satisfy.The masturbation she just did wasn’t going to suffice.She approached the bed and put her hands at Colin’s side.She leans forward across his naked body and licks the tip of his cock…….he stirs slightly.She smiles and takes the head of his dick in her mouth and swirls her tongue around it……….still not much reaction, but a bit of pre-cum has formed on the head.Alisha takes more of his cock into her mouth, then removes it.Colin moves just slightly.She grasps his balls and takes his cock completely in her mouth.It has comfortably slid down her throat and she holds it there.Still no movement.She thinks, “Is he dead?” and laughs to herself.She climbs on the bed and is on all fours over him, still sucking his cock deep down her throat and caressing his balls.Not seeming to arouse him she decides she will just take care of her needs since he won’t wake up and fuck her………She decides to straddle him and ride his cock till she satisfies her lust.She mounts Colin and is riding up and down on him, feeling like a million.While in the passion of screwing him, she notices that his eyes flickered……she thinks to herself, “that son-of-a-bitch, he’s been faking it, that bastard, I’ll show him.”She is starting to feel an orgasm building, so she picks up the pace, secretly watching his eyes.She sees that he has cracked them slightly and watching her body move.She puts her hands down on his breasts and starts to squeeze…….still no reaction.He he he, she is thinking.She starts to dig in her fingernails…….still no movement.The one thing that Alisha does know is that he is seriously ticklish under his arms.She waits till the time is right and pokes both her index fingers into their respective armpits and slams her pussy down his dick.Colin almost jumps out of his skin laughing and trying to get away from her busy index fingers.He is squirming and grabs her by the waist and rolls her over on her back and never loses the sex connection.They are both laughing very hard and Colin continues to fuck her hard and has her arms pinned down.He knows that there is a spot at the nape of her neck that she can’t stand to have sucked on, so, he goes there and starts to give her a hickey.Alisha goes wild, bucking like a rodeo bronco.They are both laughing their asses off and Colin continues his assault of her super wet pussy………..then all of a sudden it comes on both of them……huge orgasms.Alisha is convulsing all over and Colin is unloading a huge load of his sperm into her.Alisha wraps her legs and arms around Colin and pulls him close to her tightly.She is bucking and convulsing having one of the best orgasms.They are still laughing while wave after wave of orgasm engulfs their bodies.One more huge buck and they both roll off the bed and fall on the floor, but they stay connected and cumming, still laughing.When their orgasms are over, they both just lay there connected and continue to laugh very hard.Colin looks deep in her eyes, their laughing stops………..he kisses her deeply and she returns his kiss with her tongue sliding into his mouth.Her arms wrap around him and they stay this way for minutes.His cock begins to harden inside her again.He begins to slowly fuck her, and within minutes they both cum again.They laid there on the floor for over half an hour.Colin looks at her, “Alisha you are wonderful and I love you so much……..I’m so happy you are in my life.”He kisses her and gets off of her and helps her to her feet.She sits beside him and they begin to giggle again, falling back onto the bed laughing hard.The phone ringing breaks their jovial mood and Alisha walks over to the dresser and answers it.She feels cum running down her leg and tries to stop the flow as she answers the phone.“Hello, this is Alisha,” she says.The voice on the other end of the line says, “Alisha, I’ve decided to accept your offer for the swine farm.When would you like to close on it?”Alisha is smiling, hopping up and down while Colin’s load is streaming out of her and down both legs.“I’m so glad to hear that, Mr. Butler, would you like to close tomorrow, I think I can get everything set up for, let’s say, noon…….tomorrow at Mountain Title.”Butler told her that that would be fine and he was looking forward to seeing her again.She thanked him and hung up. She is so happy and jumping up and down telling Colin the good news.His cum is continuing to fall out of her pussy in globs.She jumps on him kissing him, just being happy.Colin gets hard again and sinks his cock in her wet pussy again.They both are laughing and kissing each other as they fuck away the whole morning.Alisha now has her “pleasure farm” and can continue to make her husband to be happier.They both are thinking the same thing as they reach their next orgasm………..After the sex marathon, Alisha and Colin clean themselves up and go about their daily routine.Alisha’s first stop is at her attorney’s office. She instructs him to draft the necessary documents for the closing on the pig farm and to set up a closing at the title company tomorrow at noon.Mike told her he would get it done and he’d see her and Colin there tomorrow.Alisha and Colin talked about the purchase and decided to split the cost between them.She calls Colin and lets him know that everything is set and he can arrange his schedule and she will also.Both are already thinking about the pleasures that will ensue………[/u][/u][/u][/b][/b][/b]

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