as we walked arm in arm粗大猛烈进出高潮视频大全

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as we walked arm in arm粗大猛烈进出高潮视频大全

As I walked back to Georges, knowing that I would be paying for my defiance,I thought in actuality, I had enjoyed being raped. I would never admit it to George, but I had fantasized about two cocks at once. So I would act humiliated and pretend I was under his control, when in fact I was getting exactly what I had dreamt of.George opened the door and immediately went in to take a shower. "So, did you learn a lesson last night?" He said with an echo. "I'm sorry Georgie, it won't ever happen again." I pleaded. When he finished showering I was there to towel him off, knowing he would feel pampered and in control. So while I was drying him off,I sucked him off and acted submissive, dressed him and sent him off to work.After George left for work, I stripped off my clothes and cum soaked panties and took a long hot shower. When I finished,I put fresh panties on and took a nap. When I awoke, it was to a knock at the door and it was late afternoon. I put on Georges robe and answered the door.Sheila pushed her way in,as usual, carrying a dress and a shopping bag from Victoria secret. "George said to get you ready for an evening out. Are you smooth, you know sweetie, down there?" She asked. " You mean,is my penis shaved?"I responded. "Yes, Sheila, I'm smooth.""Good,lets get you prettied up." Reaching into the bag, Sheila pulled out panties,bra, garter belt and stockings. "Now....get out of those things". She ordered. Which made me a little uncomfortable, considering I had been totally naked only a few front of people that is.I took the robe off and stood in front of Sheila,in only my panties. She reached out and fondled my titties. "Natural, birth control pills?" She inquired. I nodded my head,then she pulled my panties out and peeked at my penis. "You have a small penis, you don't have to wear those high waisted, full back panties." I smiled and said. "I like the way they look and feel on my butt." Sheila turned me around and cupped my cheeks. "You do have a nice bubble butt sweetie." I started brushing my hair out and she grinned. "Let me do your make up honey."About an hour later,we returned to the bedroom and she taught me how to properly put stockings on. Standing up she hooked the garter belt from behind. "Those pills are giving you nice hips as well." With that I pulled on blue satin panties and a matching push up bra. I took a long look in the mirror, very sexy. Sheila knew how to pick my size and excessorize too.With that, she unzipped my dress and I stepped into it. It fit perfectly,low cut,snug around the waist and cut a little above the knee. Again Sheila had made me gorgeous and showed me how to look beautiful. I just kept gazing at myself in the mirror, amazed. "Oh my.....Oh my." I almost cried. "Don't you cry, it will run your make up sweetie." I had never been fully tranformed and femmed out, this completely. I kept putting my hands on my hips and turning from one side to the other. I even lifted my dress to see how my panties and stockings fit. The last thing I put on was clip on earrings.... perfect.Sheila smiled and handed me a clutch bag. "Your lipstick and condoms....USE THEM. There is a car waiting downstairs."I went downstairs to the car waiting for me,got in and we left. I looked up in the mirror and saw familiar eyes. "Hi Damien.""Hi Danni, you're looking really hot,got a date?" He asked. "I guess." I responded. "I'm supposed to drop you off and you need to ask for the Peterson party." Damien explained. This was it.... all my sissy training had come to this. The cocksucking, the feminization,the pills, the hair removal and even learning the mannerisms. It all came down to this one moment, walking into a restaurant and no one realizing I'm a transvestite. When we arrived, Damien opened my door and offered his hand. I swung my legs around and took his hand as if it was totally natural. "You look incredible." He said. "Have fun baby."Stopping to straighten my dress and gain my composure,I caught a glimpse reflected in the window. I was gorgeous and my confidence soared. I thought.... here we go. As I entered the restaurant,a young hostess, approached me. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Yes.... Peterson party please." She grabbed a menu. "This way please." I followed her as she led me to the very back corner,a darken table, where two well dressed gentleman were seated. "Good evening." I said. The first stood up, so I could slide in the center of the seating. They introduced themselves as John and Mike. Twin brothers apparently,both handsome, both muscular and both fairly well hung. They sat close and being the curious slut that I am, I was fondling their cocks under the table. "You're as beautiful as George said you were." John said quite plainly, confident no one could hear. "He also said that love to butt fuck in your panties." I smiled shyly and nodded. We stopped talking for just a moment, when a waiter brought a glass and poured me a bit of wine. "I've never sucked twin cocks before." We all laughed, and Mike said ." There's a first time for everything."Unbeknownst to everyone in the restaurant,I was jacking them off under the table, both of them. The lowered lights were hiding a world of hedonism, only I could see. Mike was saying how I looked so good in my dress and make up, while I was expressing my desires to show them my under garments. "I really like to show my body off, walk around in my panties and under garments. It really turns me on. Would you like to see me do that for you and your brother?" I was trying my best to encourage them to take me to a private place, where they could butt fuck me. I had consumed several glasses of wine and I was quite drunk and was very horny by this time.We finished the bottle of wine and straightened up before leaving the restaurant. "We're just around the corner at the hotel." Mike said,as we walked arm in arm, unashamed of our drunken and ammerous state. John kept me warmed up by kissing the nape of my neck and groping my titties. All this did,was turn me on more, walking in public view. When we reached the hotel,97久久天天综合色天天综合色hdwe went directly to the elevator and I began kissing John. Mike lifted my dress and started fondling my pantied butt. He reached between my legs and rubbed my crotch. "Your little penis shaved sweetie?" He asked. "Em huh..." I mumbled, with John's tongue in my mouth. " I'm dying to have cock in my butt, so much... please put your finger in my hole." Mike was happy to accommodate me and wet his finger and pulled my panties to one side. Spreading my cheeks with one hand, he gently worked his digit all the way in. I moaned as John squeezed my tits. This continued until just beforeour floor. Mike retracted his finger and pulled my dress down, just as the door opened. A maintenance man (a good looking black man) got on and gave me a naughty little smile as we arrived at the next floor. They each took a hand as we walked to the room.John unlocked the door while Mike kissed me and I felt up his erection. Their room was large and I wasted no time, leading them to sit on the couch. Pulling my hair aside I asked Mike. "Could you unzip me?" After he did,I slowly took my dress off. Smoothing my panties and straightening my stockings,I walked around the room bending over and posing in various seductive, come hither looks. Mike and John had their hands in each other pants, stroking each other's cocks.This really made me hot, knowing that I had gotten them to such a state of arousal. Seeing the twins,one in black bikini and the other in tighty whities, stroking. I have such a underwear and panty fetish,I had to struggle to keep from orgasming. Coming to the conclusion that they had pleasured each other before,I slipped my bra strap off and squeezed my nipple."Now it's you guys turn to strip down for me." As they stood up,I sat down and spread my legs and rubbed my crotch through my panties. Mike and John both started undressing each other and kissing. I was getting so aroused I reached in my clutch and retrieved my tube of lube, and pulled my panties to one side. They both smiled as I began fingering my butthole.Now down to only their underwear, they approached me, Mike to my right and John kneeling in front of me. Mike pulled his beautiful circumsized cock though the slot and I licked it. He figured out I had a fetish as I fondled his balls through his underwear. John,spreading my legs even further and pushing them back, pulled my fingers out of my butt. Then slid his manhood all the way in. I took a deep breath and went back to sucking Mike's cock. They took turns fucking my mouth and butt. I was getting so much cock,I was beside myself. This went on for a couple hours,till John shot his load in my mouth. Sitting back on the couch, Mike pulled out of my butt and shot his on my belly trying hard not to get it on my Lingerie. Seeing that they were finished I excused myself to the bathroom to redress.When I came out, John had left, only Mike remained. "I'd like to see you again." He said. "With or without my clothes." I replied, like a smart ass. "Both, if I have my way." With that he kissed my cheek and I left.I walked to the elevator feeling very unsatisfied, after all I had not orgasmed. When the door opened,I was pleased to see the maintenance man standing there, with a bulge in his pants. "I couldn't stop thinking of you, I've been riding the elevator looking for you." I reached beside me and touching his bulge,I said. "I can see that, but you don't understand."That you're sissy,a crossdresser,a transvestite." I still was getting used to saying it out load.He reached over and cupped my cheeks and said. "I want to fuck you." I didn't say anything and when the door opened,we stood there till the door closed. He reached over and pushed the button marked"SB". "What's that." I asked. "Subbasement, very private." He replied.As the elevator descended, I was getting hotter and hotter with anticipation. I could feel he was wearing underwear and I was dying to know more, bikini or briefs? I knew he would make me cum and satisfy my yearnings for cock.When the door opened, he put his hand in the small of my back and escorted me down a hall to a store room. He unlocked the door and offered to let me enter first, hesitantly I walked in. There was various things against the wall and a rug in the center of the room. He turned and kissed me roughly as I felt his throbbing boner. I sunk to my knees and kissed his bulge. I unfastened and unzipped his trousers, revealing a large cock, smothered in red briefs. I pulled his trousers down and slowly kissed his bulge, taking in his manly scent.Taking a moment to enjoy my most recent favorite past time.... fondling a boner in sexy underwear. I pulled out this large ebony treat and began sucking with great enthusiasm. His member was not quite as big as Damien, but big enough. "You like black cock, don't you, you sissy slut?" He barked humiliatingly, grabbing my hair and fucking my mouth. "I want your cock in my butt.... please." I begged. "What was that sissy?" He teased. "I'm dying for you to butt fuck me until I cum."With that he picked me up and stood me up against some leaning mattresses and pulled my dress up around my waist. He pulled my panties down a little (good thing my butt was still greasy) and pushed it to the hilt. After a deep breath and a few whimpers,I regained my composure and he began fucking the hell out of me. I thought.... I'm really liking this,I must be losing it. It seems that I really enjoy being butt fucked by bbc. Now he's really pounding my hole and I'm squealing and moaning. I could feel his pubic hair in my crack every time he humped me, and this only made it hotter. "I'm gonna cum." He cried. "Me too." I moaned. With that I felt a hot gush in my butt, knowing what it was only made me orgasm harder.He pulled out of my butt and put his pants in place and walked out not saying a word.I wiped my butt and pulling up my panties,I fixed dress and headed for the elevator. I used the payphone before I went upstairs and called Georges, Damien answered and told me to meet him outside, he'd be right there.I rode the elevator up and waited outside, knowing I looked a mess. Damien didn't take long to pick me up. "You look like, you were rode hard and put away wet." He said, using an old expression. "Impressive for a couple of white boys." He said, suspiciously, looking at me through the mirror. I didn't say anything, With only a reminder of my fringe benefits, dripping from my butt, my secret was safe between me and my panties.In my mind I was hatching a plan for my next encounter. I had realized my life altering changes and now I'm gonna be a sexy sissy slut and have no regrets.



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